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Based in the Midlands Modus Training Services was established to provide high quality skills training solutions within the logistics sector. 

We specialize in conducting on-site MHE operator training compliant with the highest industry standards.


With over 20 years combined experience in providing high quality training solutions, we pride ourselves on our team's broad industry experience which enables us to know the variety of ways our work directly affects the profitability of your business.


We understand that organisations can sometimes face issues that need specific solutions.

We specialise in training your MHE operators in the safest and most efficient techniques of operating your MHE on your site.



Safe operators or just people with a ticket?

Untrained Forklift truck operators are a serious risk to themselves and everyone around them. 


If you think training is expensive - try having an accident involving heavy machinery.

When an forklift accident occurs the results are usually life changing if not fatal.


The cost of training is nothing in comparison to the cost of an accident involving heavy machinery.

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