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HSE clarifies LOLER position on hand pallet trucks

There has been considerable confusion in the marketplace as to whether low-lift equipment such as a hand pallet truck – which only raises the load sufficiently clear of the floor to enable horizontal movement – is subject to LOLER examination. BITA guidance has always been that this equipment is not carrying out a lifting operation, and is not, therefore, subject to LOLER.

The HSE confirms this view and has recently updated its Approved Code of Practice to clarify that LOLER applies to “high-lift pallet trucks, both manual and powered, that have the ability to raise the forks above 300mm”. The approved code of practice can be downloaded free of charge from


Use of mobile phones on Fork lift trucks


The HSE publication: Use Lift Trucks Safely (INDG457) clearly states: 

NEVER use mobile phones or other hand-held devices while operating or travelling a lift truck.  


Further information is available in the following publications which are readily available from HSE Books. You can also contact HSE Books on 01787 881165.
Title: Use Lift Trucks Safely 
HSE Code: INDG457     
ISBN: 9780717665488     
Issue year: 201

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